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2Pac is Alive and in Cuba since Sept 8th, 1996 (Pass it on)
I have been trying to hold this information to myself for the past 13 years but it has to come out sooner or later. I will remain anonymous. What I am about to tell you is the truth. No false information. All truth. This is what happened on September 7th to September 13th, 1996. The “murder” of Tupac Shakur. 2Pac is alive. 2Pac, Suge Knight, and other members of the elite (meaning the feds) had to protect 2Pac and they had to get rid of him. The only way they could have done this was to fake 2Pac’s death. Remember, 2Pac recorded over 300 songs in the span of 9 months. Why did he do this? It was a scheme to make money. He crafted this so he could make money while hiding. Anyway, this is going to shock many people but this is 100% truth. I was one of the people involved.

September 7th –

Orlando Anderson was a decoy. 2Pac was told to beat up Orlando and that was the beginning of the plot to fake his death. What did that man whisper in 2Pac’s ear? He said, “It’s time, mob up.” Notice, all eyes were literally on 2Pac. The cameras in the casino were following 2Pac the entire night until Deathrow left. Everyone went outside and Orlando was being questioned. When he was getting questioned, Me and some other guys were getting the guns ready to “shoot” 2Pac. Around 11 pm that night, we saw 2Pac on the strip, granted, we just rented this white cadillac. Since we couldn’t do the shooting in the day time, we had to get a car that wouldn’t be noticeable. Many cars on the strip were white and who was going to identify us?

Anyway, we loaded the guns with blank bullets. The guy beside me was joking and said, “I am going to kill Suge.” I didn’t think much of it. This was about the plan. Not Suge. We are on the strip on Koval and we couldn’t get a good shot in. I was the driver. I was cat calling some chicks in a car right next to us. I was yelling, “2Pac THUG LIFE!” That is when the females were flirting with 2Pac. My homie shot the rounds when the light hit red. This is the tricky part, 2Pac really got shot but it wasn’t life threatening. My homie wanted to kill Suge that night and he was an amateur at shooting. Fake ass gangbang type nigga.

Anyway, 2Pac saw the gun and he jumped up but Suge told him to get down. Suge pulled him down but my homie was aiming for Suge. I told the fool not to shoot the real bullets but he insisted. Long story short, 2Pac was shot and Suge was grazed. Now, the females that flirted with Pac, I got in the car with them and followed Pac and Suge. The cops did pull over Suge and 2Pac but it wasn’t for the loud music. Suge paid off the two cops. My homie drove the white cadillac and got it repaired at a repair shop a few days later.

I figured that the helicopter would be here sooner but it wasn’t. Suge then stalled and took Pac to the hospital. Pac was checked into the hospital and we snuck him out that night because the helicopter was ready. Heliports are everywhere in Las Vegas. it was an easy getaway. Suge was still at the hospital and he called up Afeni Shakur, Yo-Yo, Snoop and others. Suge paid off many people in the hospital. Remember, Suge Knight was a powerful man at the time. He virtually did anything he wanted. Suge told Afeni that 2Pac was shot and the plan did not go through. He was okay but he will be safe in Cuba. Yeah, Cuba. Many people know 2Pac is in Cuba with Assata Shakur. In Cuba, it is called “Political Asylum”, the Cuban government pays Assata’s living expenses and etc. Was 2Pac granted this? No. He is just living with her. Back to the story. Afeni was told that Assata has 2Pac in her home for now. So you are asking:

How did the autopsy show up?
If 2Pac wasn’t in the hospital, then who was?

The autopsy is real but not as real as you may think. A special effects artist constructed it months prior to the “shooting.” There is no way someone could have photoshopped a photo of Pac from the Cali Love video. Impossible in 1996. Special effects at the time did the trick.

2Pac wasn’t in the hospital at all. He fled to Cuba on September 8th, 1996 by helicopter. Someone was in that room but they were heavily covered. The person was a decoy as well. A coma patient. One of the nurses shaved the beard off of the person and shaved his head as well. The coma patient, coincidentally died for real on September 13th, 1996. 2Pac was only shot a couple of times. He said he was shot in his finger and his chest. The bullet did not penetrate through his chest but he did lose his finger.

The plan did not work as planned. The plan was to “murder” 2Pac on the 7th, release Makaveli in November, One Nation 1 &2, and R U Still Down and Outlaw Immortalz by winter 1997. That would have generated a lot of revenue for Deathrow. Deathrow as a label was done because Daz and others stole DATs and masters. So no one could distribute the unreleased material. 2Pac already had 5 albums ready to release. He was also going to release his movie “Live 2 Tell”. Everything went wrong. 2Pac couldn’t do anything about the bootlegs and he said **** it, do what you want. He said as long as Afeni had some money. Afeni would collect the checks, she would send half of the checks to Pac in Cuba and the rest would be for the 2Pac center herself.

Only a couple of people in the rap industry 2Pac is physically alive. Treach and Suge Knight. It is no secret many people know Pac is in Cuba. The question many people want to know is…will 2Pac return? No.

2Pac is legally alive because he had no death certificate but everything went wrong. 2Pac had a plan to release the 5 albums in 1997 and then all of his other material would be released every other year. His plan to make six figures happened but not like he planned. Everything in this story is true. I was there. Take it as you will be 2Pac is alive and well but you will never see him again.

Last thing, people I talked to wanted to know about the backmasking. All of those messages are real. Did 2Pac record any new material over the years? Yes. You know how all of these new tracks just popped out of nowhere in 2001? Ballad of a Dead Soulja? It was a new track. I hope people believe me about this. If you want to contact me about 2Pac, my email is and I have real photos of 2Pac after 1997. I even have taped convos with him. I don’t want any money or donations. I felt guilty about all of this. I was tired of hearing all of the alive theories that were false. I just want people to pass this story along to anyone on the 2Pac forums. Only on the 2Pac forums. 2Pac fans are not going to snitch and let the world know he is alive and well. Take care, and be strong!

P.S. if you have any questions, feel free to email me or reply in this thread. I know everything. I know this story is a little confusing but I was scared to type it up. So, anyway feel free to ask me whatever.

Nu îmi place muzica lui, nu îl ascult. Am discutat din pură curiozitate cun un prieten pe tema asta, mai exact despre moartea lui 2Pac. Mulţi sunt în ceaţă totală, mulţi sunt neinteresaţi, etc.
Cert este că nu va mai apărea niciodată fizic. Nu mă pasionează prea mult subiectul, deci cam atât!

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  1. marturii nunta
    April 4, 2013 at 5:31 pm (11 years ago)

    personal nu cred ca mai este in viata si ca a fost omorat de iluminatii

  2. firma de curatenie
    April 4, 2013 at 6:11 pm (11 years ago)

    Pai, in cazul asta, ar trebui ca “toti” sa fie in viata…

  3. Catalin
    April 4, 2013 at 7:47 pm (11 years ago)

    Sincer, eu nu cred ca 2pac e mort. Pe langa faptul ca a scris nu stiu cate piese intr-un an, el e prea destept pentru a se lasa omorat asa.


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